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JSON infinite loops in ASP.NET

If you accidentally (or purposely) have an infinite loop in an object, where it has a reference that points back to itself, when you try to return that object as JSON in ASP.NET, you get an error: JsonSerializationException: Self referencing loop detected for property … To avoid that, you can add a line to your…

JSON casing in ASP.NET Core

Some mallethead decided that they wanted to take UpperCamelCase names of properties and change them to lowerCamelCase when sending JSON to the client. Sure, maybe this fits standard naming conventions, but it means that you’ll end up with different property names. This returns the following content: Personally, I want the properties to match. Here’s the…

Project Properties

I’m working on standardizing my code using the latest and greatest .NET features. For me, that currently means adding the following to the first <PropertyGroup> section in my csproj file: LangVersion: Allows me to use the latest features in C#, like switch expressions, tuple patterns, and using declarations. Nullable: Incorporating nullable reference types, which is…